Friday, March 16, 2012

Up in the mountains and the forecast is looking good for snow at the Hoodoo Autobahn snow tubing the next couple of days. Today was just this side of rain, so we spent the day swimming at the resort we're staying at (indoors, except for the hot tub...have always loved a hot tub out in the chill).

Then we drove into Sisters and went to the Sisters Movie House, which was all sorts of neat. Small and independently owned, but not in the least bit run down, they actually bring you food (like yummy paninis) to your seats in the theater when it's hot and ready! And free popcorn, how cool is that? They had The Lorax going at the same time as John Carter, so the kids watched the former by themselves then came and joined us in the next room for the end of the latter.

Heading home on Saturday because on Sunday, I'll be running 15k (about 9 miles), then eating chowder and drinking beer at the Shamrock Run. Actually, if it's like last year, I don't have to wait until the finish line. They had green beer on the course (around mile four I think).'s carbs, right?

Meanwhile, in the evenings I'm wrapping up writing Rough Awakening, which is about Mario from Rough Riders. I'll have more news about this story later, very excited to share as soon as I can!

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