Thursday, December 17, 2009

Small Freakin' World...Hey, I KNOW him!

Talk about my two worlds colliding!

Okay, this all started when Brynn Paulin randomly posted this great video on her blog. I watched it, loved it, and proceeded to spread the joy.

Then my friend Melia watched it and said, "Oh, it's great, and you realize Brad's in this, right?"


I totally spread around this video not even knowing that one of my friends in "real life" is one of the dancers!  So bizarre!!

Anyway, when he was performing with the Rockettes' Christmas show about 5 years ago, the guys in the show got together and made this up as a Christmas present for the rockettes.  This is their performance for the gals, who you can hear doing all the screaming throughout!

Now I see him dancing every my daughters' dance academy just down the road.  He brings all that enthusiasm and talent to the fore every single day working with the dancers of tomorrow, and he does a fabulous job doing it! 

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thanks-Giving and First Silver & Gold Reviews

First off, a huge thanks to Brynn Paulin (and Bronwyn Green) for pointing out that my newest blog version wasn't loading right on the Firefox browser.  Thanks to Brynn's generosity with html code, I'm now (hopefully!) working right across browsers.

I'm also very appreciative of my wonderful friend and beta Ava March for taking me seriously this week when I was kvetching about my lack of enthusiasm about my WIP, answering me honestly when I asked for her opinion, and offering up enthusiasm when I finally got it right!

Speaking of Bronwyn Green, she was one of the first to read A Pint Light, and has been relentless in asking for Killian's story...see paragraph is finally on track, and thanks, Bron, for keeping me motivated!

One last thank you, although I'm tempted to just keep going and find some reason to thank everyone in my life! My bud Patric Michael, who although he has so much on his plate of life-altering import, always manages to find time to check in and keep me sane.

Onward and Silver & Gold.  So glad people are finally getting to read Geoff and Abe.

I won't pest all of you over every single review, although I must say that it's still early enough in the authorship game that I devour (and take to heart) each and every one. :)  But since these are the first ones out, thought I'd share a couple.

My very first one was by Eyre, and boy she was right out of the gate. A lovely review, plus a 5 out of 5 star rating on Goodreads.  Thank you, Eyre!

The latest one was at Dark Divas Reviews, who gave it 4 & 1/2 delightful divas and a very nice review. Thanks to Kathy at DDR!

Ok, one more thank you, to Shawn Lane for helping me 'find' Geoff's and Abe's names!  :)

Here is the blurb for Silver & Gold for those of you who haven't yet read it:

Geoff Radcliffe is having a mid-life crisis just in time for the holidays. He goes into a tailspin after hearing from his first love, picks up a stranger who locks him out of the house in nothing but his pants, and then he gets up the courage to go get rid of his grey, and the colorist refuses to 'do' Geoff's hair!

But Abe Golden, thrilled that the hunky silver-tipped guy has admitted he's gay, does 'do' him, taking him home for the hottest night of Geoff's life. After three heavenly days of smoking hot sex, Abe has done the unimaginable: he's fallen in love. And when he finds out that Geoff has been using him to practice for another man, Abe is at first heartbroken... and then he plots how to show Geoff the value of combining silver and gold.