Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blog Award and Yet Another New Cover!

Yes, one more cover for everyone to see here first! This one's for One Wild Wish, coming from Dreamspinner Press on June 1st. I love it. They did a great job capturing Rory, especially considering this is a "simple" cover they worked up for me. Hats off to DSP!

I have the blurb and an excerpt posted in the previous blog post so you can put a little bit of interaction with Rory together with the image of him on the cover.

In other news, I was tagged this weekend by Eyre at A Reader's Journey for having a Happy Blog! :)  Thank you Eyre! You are as sweet as the sprinkle cupcakes.

What to do:
List 10 things that make you happy.
Try and do at least one of them today.
Tag bloggers that brighten your day and let them know.
Link back to the person that tagged you.

My 10 happy thoughts:
  • Coffee!
  • A great song on the radio to sing along to.
  • My daughter's giggle.
  • Wispy clouds across a blue, blue sky.
  • Waterfalls, pools, the ocean, streams, rivers...hey, I'm a Pisces. Any form of water is good!
  • A long soak in the tub (see previous answer).
  • Spicy Asian food.
  • Getting a piece of personal snail mail.
  • My friends, both IRL and online...particularly my bff, my hub. :)
  • Reading.
My blogs I love are pretty self-evident, just look at my sidebar below and to the right for all of my faves! If you're over there, consider yourself a winner... you get the prize! Not required to fill out your own Top 10 list, but I'd love to see them if you do! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Cover And A Couple Excerpts

Always fun to get new cover art!  Here is the cover for my June release from TEB, the next stand-alone story in the V&M&W series, Through The Red Door:

Just a demon's luck. Seth finally finds the perfect house...and it comes with an angel.

The last thing that demon Seth expects to come across while househunting is an injured angel...especially one who has no idea he's anything but human. Every instinct in him wants to stay far away, but Kyrian is being targeted by another demon, and Seth reluctantly find himself playing guardian to the irresistible male.

Kyrian has no idea what is 'haunting' his house, but after he breaks his ankle being shoved off the deck, he's had enough. Strong, handsome Seth is a godsend, making him feel safe and secure. But he alludes to secrets that will test everything Kyrian believes...and turns the tables on just who needs protecting.

My next release is a m/m/m menage short story in the Necking Anthology, Neighbors By Day, Naughty By Night: out May 10th.  Here is the blurb and an excerpt:

Normally, finding the hot neighbor in bed with your boyfriend would be the end, not the beginning, of a wonderful relationship.

Jason wakes up to find Marty in their bed, and it makes him wonder whether hes made a big mistake in committing to Kevin. Marty's mortified; he's loved Jason from afar for years, but never had the courage to act on it. And Kevin is plotting something naughty that will give all three men what they've wanted all along....


Dawn gave way to morning, gradually and imperceptibly lightening the room. Jason rolled blindly toward still-sleeping Kevin to spoon up behind him, pressing his morning wood up against that perfect, unbelievably rounded ass as he ran a hand slowly down Kevin's smooth flank. Kevin shifted in his sleep, mumbling something incoherent, arching back against Jason with a sexy subconscious rub. Jason stifled a groan as the counter-pressure had him bucking forward, his lassitude instantly evaporating. Feeling a slight prick of guilt for waking his night owl partner so early, he justified the green light to himself: since it was the weekend, they could go back to sleep afterwards.

He slid his hand around to search for Kevin's cock. But instead of that gorgeous, stiff prick he was expecting to find, his hand hit....

Jason's eyes flew open as adrenaline jolted through him.

Another ass?

What the fuck?


His name being hissed urgently and way too loudly in his ear brought Kevin swimming up into a semblance of awareness.

He attempted to respond but only managed to make a slightly inquiring noise buried in the back of his throat.

He must've drifted right back to sleep again, because an increasingly pissed sounding, "Kevin, wake the fuck up right now," speared through an amazingly vivid dream he couldnt quite remember, something about a truck....

"Kev, the phone. If we go skiing..."

"Mmm hmm. Go to sleep, Marty."


Marty wiggled and settled back into sleep in front of him, but behind him, Jase wasn't being nearly as cooperative, puffing and panting like the bull on that Bugs Bunny matador episode, and sending off palpable waves of upset. He really needed to relax. Chill out, babe. Sleeping here.

Jason's voice was taut as a bow string. "Chill out?" Oops, must've said that out loud. Jason's next whisper was just this side of a shout. "What is Marty doing in our bed?"

"Sleeping." Duh. Kevin had a dreamy smile curving his lips, thoroughly enjoying finally being the melty stuff in the middle of a Marty/Jason sandwich. Seriously hot thought, that. Marty should put it on the menu, it'd be an instant best-seller. If only Jase would just settle down and let him savor it....

"Okay, that's it."

Tidal waves of jerky movement behind him finally brought Kevin up to speed. Oh shit, I forgot to warn him. "Jase, babe. Shoot." He scrambled to get the necessary information across. "I forgot to tell you."

"Tell me what?" Jase was already yanking on discarded jeans from last night, forgoing the whispers as he continued at normal volume. "I can't wait to hear this one."

"Shhh!" Kevin stage-whispered. "You'll wake him up."

Jason froze with his pants just below his crotch, and his jaw literally dropped. It wouldve been a comical look on him if Kevin didn't know how upset Jase was right now. Mental snapshot for later. He could see how damning it looked to have Marty in their bed, but it was a truly blameless situation.

"You did not just tell me to shhh..."

No cover yet for One Wild Wish, part of Dreamspinner's Daily Dose, Midsummer's Nightmare, in June, but the whole package is now available for presale, 30 stories, one a day, all hot paranormal guys. Buy in April for the best price! Individual stories will be available on June 1st.

Here is the blurb and an excerpt from One Wild Wish:

For Rory, his band landing a well-paid private gig at a wild, remote mountain lodge is a wish come true. He needs the money bad enough to go along with all the strange clauses in their contract with the mysterious group. The one that specifies everyone must be in committed relationships? Hell, he can just fake it for a week with his bandmate, Benny.

Jared has his hands full trying to manage this year's Solstice ceremony with his nephew and heir, Curtis, coming of age and into his powers. Giving in to Curtis's request to book the band was probably a huge mistake, but with ironclad rules in place, Jared should be able to keep the youngsters under control. Or so he thinks, until he meets Rory. Suddenly, he's fighting for his own control. And when Rory's past catches up with him, it threatens to expose Jared's biggest secret... his clan's very existence. The good news? Rory's nemesis has finally given up on him. The bad news? He's taken Curtis.....


After a careful, and much less bumpy, descent to the grouping of buildings, Rory pulled up to the logical stopping point right in front of the stone entrance to the main lodge. Cars and trucks filled the parking lot and spaces in front of the other buildings, but there wasn't a soul in sight. The whole area had an abandoned feel to it.

Reaching for the door handle, he glanced at Benny, who shrugged, looking just as puzzled by the deserted area as Rory felt. As he turned to step out, his heart gave a jolt. A tall, muscular man had appeared out of nowhere, assisting him in holding open the door.

Rory jumped and swore. "Shit. Oh, sorry, you startled me." He automatically held out a hand. "Rory Dean." Rory recognized the serious visage as the guard who had appeared on the monitor at the gate. Then he really looked at the man.

His hand was swallowed in a firm grasp. "Welcome. I'm Jared Salinas. And this must be your partner, Benny Oshiro?"

Having momentarily forgotten the ruse, Rory just stood and gaped, speechless, hand forgotten in Jared's. On the video screen, he had looked like any other military type, but in person the details transformed him. Short hair was revealed to be chestnut, the red tones glinting warmly in the natural light. A touch of wave would prove troublesome at a longer length. The intense, serious eyes were a rich amber, almost the same color as his hair, warm and compelling. Rory was tempted to reach out and stroke the masculine jaw line, which begged to be traced, Jared's strong neck inviting Rory to come find his pulse with his tongue. The man was classically gorgeous and built, but more than that, he exuded a charismatic and commanding presence that had Rory weak at the knees.

Benny inserted himself into the conversation smoothly as he rounded the vehicle. "That's me. We spoke on the phone. Beautiful place you have here. Should we grab our stuff?" He pointedly removed Rory's hand from Jared's, pulling Rory up against his side in a possessive parody of ownership. Back in the right mindset, Rory had to work to fight back a grin. Live-and-let-love Benny was probably the least jealous guy he'd ever known. Thankfully, he was getting right into character.

The sudden, intense frown on Jared's handsome face would've been a little scary if he didn't immediately follow it with a rueful smile. "Sorry for staring. You guys aren't at all what I expected."

Benny laughed, letting his hand idly roam Rory's side and hip. Even though Rory wasn't romantically interested in Benny anymore, it still felt good, a caring, familiar touch. "We get that a lot. We look pretty ordinary without our stage makeup and wardrobe, I guess."

"Ordinary? Hardly." Jared's eyes flicked down to the vicinity of Benny's hand, now with fingers hooked through Rory's side-most belt loop. Though his smile remained, his eyes looked cool, and Rory began to wonder if their host had some latent homophobic tendencies. He'd seen that before, guys who were cool with you being gay, unless you had the temerity to actually look at or touch another guy in front of them. Then all bets were off.

"As for your bags, I'll have them brought up to your suite." Jared held a large hand out, evidently for the keys, continuing in an apparent non sequitur, "Curtis?"

"Yes, sir?"

This time, Benny jumped in tandem with Rory as the new, deep voice came unexpectedly from behind them. Damn, these guys were fast and quiet. He took a closer look at Curtis:  fast, quiet--and huge....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who Wants A Nice, Shiny New Book?? May Day Giveaway!

It's been a while since I've done a giveaway, so no time like the present!

I have a nice, thick tradesized paperback of the Gaymes anthology sitting here that wants a new home, and I'll even personalize it if you like!

Just leave a comment here on this thread between now and Friday, April 30th, and you'll be entered to win!  Good luck!

Edited to add:  Just got word of a great review for Gaymes at TwoLips Reviews! Check it out!

Highland Gaymes by Carol Lynne

There's more to a man than what's under his kilt.

Shaw Fitzgerald loves touring the United States with his brothers. A fiddle player since an early age, music is the only thing he's ever been passionate about. That is, until he sees Curt Macaula compete for the first time.

As a competitor in the Highland Games, Curt knows how important it is to concentrate on the individual events. Getting distracted while tossing a one hundred and fifty pound pole isn't an option. Away from his events, Curt is free to ogle the very pretty member of the Brothers Fitzgerald band.

Toward the end of the season, Curt knows it's time to make his move. With Shaw being guarded by four macho brothers, it won't be easy, but Curt is determined to win the man of his dreams.

Good Cop, Bad Cop by Jenna Byrnes and Jude Mason

Two hot studs, an evening of scorching sex, a pub, and the gaymes begin...or have they?

Officer Kevin Sands and his lover get off on playing games - role playing games. When one of their escapades goes awry, will someone else pay the price for their fun? Or can the lovers solve a mystery that could mean the end of everything they hold dear?

Elliot's War by Kim Dare

The Welsh and the English. Celts and invaders. Captors and prisoners. Victors and slaves. Let the war games begin!

The woodland war is billed by the university as an important exploration of differing cultural traditions within the British Isles. As far as Elliot understands it, the game involves the local Welsh students and those who invade the university from across the border, waging a war in the woodlands that surround the university.

Elliot's not quite sure how he ended up agreeing to take part in the war game. Nor is he entirely sure how he ended up running through the forest wearing a skimpy toga while being chased by a dozen Celtic warriors - all of them painted a very historically inaccurate shade of blue woad.

For better or worse, Elliot's about to get an education that wasn't advertised in the university prospectus.

Crossed Hearts by Lisabet Sarai

When love is the prize, everyone wins.

For the past six years, Jason Hofstadter has attended the Four States Annual Scrabble Tournament. Jason comes to the Four States for two reasons - to play Scrabble and to get laid. Every year since his first, he has managed to hook up with one of the other players for some sexual fun. This year he has a chance at the grand prize in the tournament. Meanwhile, he figures he has hit the jackpot when he spots handsome, bookish Matt Sawyer, who's competing at the Four States for the first time.

Shy and seemingly innocent, Matt turns out to be full of surprises. First, he jumps Jason in the rest room at Starbucks. Then he reveals that he's into BDSM and encourages Jason to experiment with topping him. Finally, despite his lack of experience with tournament play, Matt ends up competing with Jason in the semi-final round. When Matt throws the game he should have won, Jason is forced to confront his own feelings - about winning, about casual sex, and about Matt.

Rough Riders by Devon Rhodes

Playing by different rules can lead to heartbreak, but changing the game plan can be the tiebreaker.

Luke Briscoe has a good reason to stay in the closet with his team, the Rough Riders. Bitter past experience has taught him to be cautious around athletic teams. But after Mario, his teammate and lover of ten years, leaves him, tired of the secrecy, Luke is forced to confront his fears, especially since the sexy and confident new member of the team, Derek Grimm, has no problem with being out and proud.

Derek has wanted Luke from the first moment he saw him. But he knows the timing is all wrong, and vows to let Luke have the time he needs to recover from his breakup. As time goes on, though, Derek becomes frustrated with Luke's determination to stay in the closet. Derek and Mario are out, and the team is fine with it. Why is Luke still holding back? Derek wonders if any amount of time will ever be enough. Maybe it's time to try a different game plan...

Contact Point by Gwendolyn Cease

When two men who have nothing to lose and come together for one night, they both discover a connection they never thought possible.

Jesse Chandler needed a place to get out of the storm. What he found was a bar catering exclusively to wolf shifters. Cade Reynolds, pack Alpha and bar owner, sees nothing but trouble when the small human wanders into his bar. When Jesse signs up for the pool tournament, Cade decides to let him participate, so he'll lose and leave. Instead, Jesse wins every game he plays until a storm puts the brakes on everything.

Jesse desperately needed to win the tournament prize money, but instead of a nice cosy room, he ends up squatting under a tree for shelter. When Cade invites him home for the night, Jesse has no choice, but to accept. Sit under a tree in the pouring rain or sleep in a house...No one ever said Jesse was a fool.

All Cade wanted was to offer Jesse a place to stay for the night. But one touch from the smaller male made him realise that sleeping wasn't what was on his mind. Cade wanted Jesse, but the wolf wanted to keep Jesse forever.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Release Date and Blurb

Finally have a release date for the Necking anthology, May 10th from Dreamspinner Press.

Here's the blurb for my story, Neighbors By Day, Naughty By Night...the infamous sleepwalking story!

Normally, finding the hot neighbor in bed with your boyfriend would be the end, not the beginning, of a wonderful relationship.

Jason wakes up to find Marty in their bed, and it makes him wonder whether he’s made a big mistake in committing to Kevin. Marty’s mortified; he’s loved Jason from afar for years, but never had the courage to act on it. And Kevin is plotting something naughty that will give all three men what they’ve wanted all along....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wet Topics

Here's an ironic twist on April Fools. I finished my second ever manuscript, Wet Your Whistle, on April 1st last year and submitted it to a publisher who promptly said, ah...NO. Reading back through it last fall, I still enjoyed the story, but it needed a huge overhaul, which I worked on around the holidays last year in my spare time, haha. An extra 5K and considerable tweaking later, I checked email after flying home this April 1st, and lo and behold...a contract offer for WYW. How weird is that? As soon as I get some details like a release date, I'll share more. :) WYW is a m/m/f menage in a futuristic setting.