Sunday, January 5, 2014

WIP Excerpt--Untitled (with Andy from RR and Jesse from Silver and Gold)

Happy New Year! Going to be better about posting--it's a resolution. *nods*

Here is a short scene I put together in November for Amber's birthday blog party, and it got a really nice response, so I'm planning to write the book this year. On her blog I had challenged her readers to name what story Andy is from, and eventually someone remembered him as Chaz' best friend and neighbor from Remarkable Restraint.

Meanwhile, Blue is Jesse, the old flame from Silver and Gold, and Red and White are his twin sons who he's moving in to their first off-campus apartment.



“Triplets? Oh, happy birthday to me,” Andy breathed as he pressed his eye so closely to the peephole blinking became a problem, his hands and chest flat against the door.

He tried every possible angle and even switched eyes to try to get the best close-up view of the activity outside his front door, growing increasingly frustrated with his inability to confirm his suspicion. But no way was he going to go out and have their first impression of him be at his least primped.

The fish-eyed view only allowed Andy to see one blurry face at a time, but the three tall, jeans-clad, yummy men hauling furniture and boxes into his friend’s old apartment looked enough alike that the only difference Andy could see was their shirt color. And their hairstyles. All were the proverbial tall, dark, and handsome with identical builds and height. But the guy in the tight, white tee had his hair loose, just brushing the tops of his broad shoulders; the man with the red tee might have the same length as his brother, but he wore it tied back at the nape of his corded neck; and the beauty in marine blue wore his in a short, conservative cut.

Sweat freely rolled down their tanned faces and necks, darkening their shirts at the typical places, their muscles flexed and bunched, passing by too quickly as they moved in and out of Andy’s limited view. He could hear deep masculine voices alternately griping and teasing as they worked together with easy familiarity. At one point, they had a huge leather sofa stuck halfway in the door at a funny angle, with Mr Red Hot yelling at Tight-White as they argued about whether to pull it out or push it in to loosen it.

Muffled expletives and names were flying as Blue Boy came up the stairs to the landing and said something in a low, authoritative tone which quieted the other two down in a hurry. Andy squinted and looked more closely as a blurry Blue lingered obligingly in his line of sight. Not triplets then. Probably an older brother or something. The way he carried himself bespoke a maturity that was beyond college-aged. Just as well. College-aged was getting a bit young for him.

He bent over to set down a large box, and on tip-toe, Andy almost killed himself craning up and around trying to see his ass, which was tantalizingly out of focus at the bottom of the peephole. He grimaced as he rotated his neck, finally noticing that he was painfully stiff, and not just his cock at this point.

“Is this really the impression you want to make on your new neighbors? Settle down, boys.”
Looking out in time to see Blue gesturing at his door, Andy revised his mental estimation of the man’s age up another half-decade or so, now into his thirties. Much older brother then. Or cousin? Uncle? This was getting better and better. Older guys knew what they were doing.

He flattened himself against the door, eye on Mr Blue, and playfully humped the door as he watched the three work to pull the couch back out and set it down on the landing. Fuck, it’d been a long time since he’d gotten laid. Almost a month. Maybe he’d get lucky and one–or more–of these three would be gay.  Or curious. Yeah, curious was fine with him.

At a low command from the oldest, Tight-White clambered down the stairs and reappeared a minute later lugging a cooler, joining the other two seated on the couch.

Diet Coke break, sweaty boys. C’mon, someone lose a shirt already.

He almost laughed out loud as right on cue, Red Hot pulled his shirt over his head and used it to mop his face and neck while Blue took charge of distributing drinks.


Finally motionless for the first time in the hour he’d been watching, Andy was finally able to appreciate the three. Good genes in this group, and they were definitely related. White and Red had to be twins, they were indistinguishable. And Blue was a slightly older carbon copy. He stifled a snort as it hit him.

Red, white, and blue, how patriotic. Making me salute. Oh yeah.

Damn fine, and built like brick shithouses, all three. Andy was ogling Red’s ripped chest and abs and actively rubbing himself through his pants when his phone rang. He jumped as if someone could see him, yanking his hand away from his crotch and racking his not-so-funny bone against the doorjamb with a loud thunk.

“Shit!” That fucking hurt. Andy struggled to get his cell out of the front pocket of his tight designer jeans, made even tighter by his star-spangled erection. Finally succeeding, he looked at the display and chanced a peek out the peephole again and all three men were staring right at him. Or rather, at his door.

“Hey,” he whispered, caught in the invisible stare-down with the trio.

“Andy?” His best friend Chaz sounded wary. “Why are you whispering? I didn’t interrupt anything, did I?”

“Nope, just checking out the new neighbors.”

Blue looked away first, stretching his arms up over his head before rummaging through the cooler.

“And you’re whispering because…”

“No reason, babe.” Andy watched as the ringleader pulled out a handful of ice and started crunching it a cube at a time. The twins both lunged for the cooler at the same time, fighting for dominance before Red managed to shove his brother aside, grabbing his own handful of ice and shoving it down his brother’s tucked-in t-shirt.

“Hey!” Andy could hear White’s outraged yell clearly through the door.

“Well, you’ll have to tell us all about them at dinner tonight.”

“Dinner?” Andy echoed absently. The twins were wrestling in earnest, White laughing evilly as he took Red to the ground and thrusting a chunk of the freed ice from his shirt down his brother’s jeans, then sat on him, refusing to let him use his hands. Blue was laughing at their antics, and Andy was torn between watching the weirdly arousing fraternal wrestling and the breathtaking, laughing face of their sibling.

“Yes, you’re coming to dinner tonight.”

Andy stood up straight, abandoning his clandestine surveillance. “Wait a minute, since when?”

Chaz spoke gently. “Since we haven’t seen you since we moved. I miss you, we both do.” He sighed. “It’s your birthday, and I have a sneaking suspicion that you have no plans. You probably haven’t been out for weeks. Andy, you know…”

“Don’t go there, babe. And thanks. I’ll be over. You know me too well.”

They said their goodbyes then Andy took one last look out the peephole, before sighing and heading to get ready to actually join the real world, wondering if the boys would still be out there when he left for his command performance birthday dinner…