Sunday, February 1, 2015

Top Seven Reasons Why Online Superbowl Parties Are Better For Writers

I do like watching football, but nope--not going anywhere today. Seems like everyone has someplace to be on Superbowl Sunday, but the glaring exception I've found is with writers I know.

But really, that makes a lot of sense to me...and here's why.

Top Seven Reasons Why Most Authors Would Rather Rock Online Superbowl Parties Instead of IRL Ones:

  • You always have a place to sit. This is a thing--I don't think I've ever found comfortable seating at a Superbowl party. You either end up standing by the food table the whole time while the outgoing people get prime recliner and couch positions, or you're squeezed in between people getting pummeled...and not in the good way.
  • Superbowl parties are really bad for food choices. Some people embrace it like they do Thanksgiving Day--hey, it's only one day a year! But for people who spend the majority of time on their ass, this isn't a selling point.
  • Day drinking makes it pretty impossible to write later that night, no matter how much coffee you drink when you get home. Trust me, I've tried.
  • You retain control of the remote. So if you want to fast forward, mute or rewind, it's all yours, baby.
  • Live tweeting your opinions on crazy stuff that happens or opinions on the commercials makes you engaged rather than antisocial.
  • You can work on your WIP in between plays. Multi-tasking at its finest. No one except a bookie can get away with being glued to a laptop during real life Superbowl parties.
And last but not least:
  • The variety of photo coverage on social media is much more to your taste than on the television:


Or worse, THIS:

Whatever you end up doing today, have a great time. And if you're at loose ends, I'll be partying on my laptop with TA Chase. Message us! :)