Tuesday, November 17, 2009

M/M Meme...Thanks Shawn...(& EH...& Lily...you most of all scarecrow, uh, Kris)

Hmmm, in a twisted way I'm flattered that I rank up among Shawn's Top Two to tag.  I'll conveniently ignore that it most likely means I'm one of the most gullible suckers best friends she could think of.  So by way of Shawn Lane, and Erotic Horizon, and Lily at I Love Books, back to the instigator Kris 'n' Good Books, here is my M/M Meme:

I didn't have anything better to do today. Really. ;)


1. Answer all the questions below in either the comments here or post it on your own site. If you post it on your own site you have to come back and give the link here so I/Kris can mosey on over and see if you have a sticky beak.

2. You have to tag two other people once you’re done and pester them relentlessly until they do the meme too.

3. Instead of a meme image thing you have to post a cookie, preferably a twofer. It is an m/m meme after all. ;)


1. How long have you been reading GLBTQ fiction?  8 months

2. What was the first book you read in this genre? (sorts e-library by date) First m/m interaction was in a m/m/f, Simply Sinful by Kate Pearce.  First strictly m/m story was Diving In Deep by KA Mitchell.

3. Are you 'out' as a reader? Yes. Now that I write it, it's a given, however I don't chat about it casual convo!

4. Ebooks, print or both? Mostly e-books, have only a select few in paperback.

5. Do you buy direct from publishers or from secondary sellers? A mix of both, depending on the incentives.

6. Prove you're a Book Slut. How many books would you say you buy a week? I'm down to about 3-5 a week now that I proof a ton and get to FLE a lot for free...in advance. :)

7. Are you a cover, blurb or excerpt buyer? Blurbs hook me, excerpts reel me in. Covers are a nice bonus. And of course, I stalk my fave authors.

8. Yeah, you read reviews, but do you actually take notice of them? Yes, but I give the benefit of the doubt. Some I've enjoyed have been panned, and some that are acclaimed, I couldn't get into. So I read 'em, then make up my own mind.

9. Who's your fave publisher? Tough call. Partial to TEB and DSP of course since I'm pubbed with them. Also like LI.

10. What about authors? Your top two only!!  Ack!  Grrrr!  KA Mitchell and JL Langley

11. Is there a sub-genre you particularly dis/like? Love well done historicals and crazy about paranormal.  Probably my least fave is heavily S&M BDSM, although some authors do it very well.

12. Short or long?? *rolls eyes* And, no, I'm not talking about cocks. Up the middle? (bats eyes)  Long enough to tell a complete story, short enough to read in one sitting.  Long novella is probably my fave, although traditional e-book novel length is fine.

13. Anything turn you off about m/m or is all just glorious smut to you? Hmmm, well not a huge fletching fan (gag).

14. Finish this sentence. You know it's m/m twu wuv when...you want to share it with the world.

15. What trope or theme are you heartily sick of in m/m romance? I'm with EH on this one, the horrible gruesome emotional train wreck of a past for one or both characters. Sometimes my disbelief that one person could have to endure that much bad luck pulls me right out of the story.  **Except when Shawn does it.

16. If you could choose any 3 characters for a m/m/m who would they be? Versatile Noah from Diving In Deep by KA Mitchell, Naughty Clark Sterling from Most Likely To Succeed by Shawn Lane, and Irresistable Mark Richfield from loads of GA Hauser's stories.

17. What new GLBTQ release are you most hanging out for right now? Ticket to Ride by Shawn.

18. What GLBTQ book has completely blown you away this year?  Wow, tough questions. Umm, one that's a bit off the usual mention radar was Single White Knight by Brynn Paulin. 

19. What do you think we'll see more of in m/m romance in 2010? Paranormals and suspense seem to be popular. More to do with gay rights/marriage most likely.

20. Don't you agree that author Josh Lanyon should kill off arsehole character Jake Riordan? All I'm going to say is, everyone gets what's coming to them in the end.


Sloan Parker

Bronwyn Green


  1. Devon you round this up so nicely... cool answers..

    Only eight months reading - did you begin to write after you read your first M/M book..

    Fletching - I know what you mean - I haven't come across this in awhile.. I think authors are more aware of readers aversions to some m/m sexual practices..

    Is Mark Richfield a top because them other two are definitely bottom... Some one has to rule that roost

    Single White Knight by Brynn Paulin - I remember seeing the cover on this and the chain mail turned me off - I must reconsider reading this... as it was a good read for you..

    "All I'm going to say is, everyone gets what's coming to them in the end." - all i'm saying is don't even join that bandwagon that Kris is forming.... dire things are going to happen ...LOL

    P.S> = I'm loving the cover of SILVER & GOlD...


  2. Um, EH, Clark is not a bottom, per se. Thomas was the bottom in Most Likely to Succeed except for one time only.

    Thanks for anticipating Ticket to Ride, Devon.

    I'm afraid you two aren't going to happy with some of my upcoming men. They have crappy things happen in their life. Sorry, lmao.

  3. Hey Devon, Great answers. Hey, I see we're in Gaymes together! Don't you love that cover? *G*



  4. Hi Jenna! Yes, LOVE our cover, it rocks! Proofed your story last night..what a cliffhanger! I've read Kim's and Lisabet's too, it's going to be a great antho!!

    M/M/M -- I envision Clark as the ringleading exhibitionist top, Noah as the happy to flip-flop (remember he topped Joey for two years before he met Cam) middle, and Mark as the eating up the attention bottom.

    Yes, EH, I started writing at almost exactly the same time...very inspirational stuff! ;)

    Thanks, and just a note based on your May/Nov mention, there isn't as big an age difference in Silver & Gold as you might think, although the perception of such is a big part of the story. ;)

  5. Yeah, I could see Clark getting into that, lol.

    Isn't it funny, we're both defending upcoming books involving something EH is fed up with. lol

  6. Thanks Devon! You rock! Awesome answers :-)

  7. OMG - I LOVED Single White Knight. I cried, I sighed, I love, love, love that book.

    I'm considering myself tagged, sweet thing. :)

  8. Terrific answers, Devon. Thanks for playing! :)

    I can't believe that you've been writing for about the same time that you've been reading GLBTQ fiction! That's quite an accomplishment.

    I think you're spot on about the stories about gay rights and marriages being more prominent in 2010, especially with the recent overturning in Maine (I think) and there's been some similar yuckiness happening here in Australia too.

    PS - I like the word instigator. I'm keeping it. LOL.

  9. Love your m/m/m! Of course, we do share a love for Noah from Diving in Deep. Noah.....yum.... :D Oh, and I'm stealing your answer to #10. ;)

  10. Hey! Give me that back! (wink) Okay, you can *borrow* my answer to #10, keeping in mind that I worked VERY hard on it! Hated that question...top 10 would've been better. :)

    It is kind of funny Kris, I'd written only one story (a m/f para), and then read my first m/m and immediately started writing in that direction (literally the next day). Haven't written a darn thing since without boy on boy somewhere in it, either menage or full on m/m. All my pubbed stories are m/m. :)

    You're welcome Brynn! You deserve the title. It was a magical book, I just lurved me your knight and squire. (sigh) Bron and I are huge fans! ;)

    I know Shawn, look at us getting all jacked up!

  11. Great answers, Devon. I imagine you're right about the marriage theme being big next year. Let's hope it makes a difference.

    And thanks so much for the tag! It was fun. Here are mine: http://blog.sloanparker.com/2009/11/i-was-tagged-today-heres-my-mm-meme/


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