Thursday, December 17, 2009

Small Freakin' World...Hey, I KNOW him!

Talk about my two worlds colliding!

Okay, this all started when Brynn Paulin randomly posted this great video on her blog. I watched it, loved it, and proceeded to spread the joy.

Then my friend Melia watched it and said, "Oh, it's great, and you realize Brad's in this, right?"


I totally spread around this video not even knowing that one of my friends in "real life" is one of the dancers!  So bizarre!!

Anyway, when he was performing with the Rockettes' Christmas show about 5 years ago, the guys in the show got together and made this up as a Christmas present for the rockettes.  This is their performance for the gals, who you can hear doing all the screaming throughout!

Now I see him dancing every my daughters' dance academy just down the road.  He brings all that enthusiasm and talent to the fore every single day working with the dancers of tomorrow, and he does a fabulous job doing it! 


  1. Ha ha ha! I totally took a sec and was like lets check out this reunion photo!. Too funny, I am still laughing about it. Love you Dev. You are amazing and a true hero to us ordinary moms!

    Love, Melia

  2. Hey Melia! I've gotta share your e-mail to me:

    "I agree this is so funny. So funny that I called my mom and told her about it! I love that my best friend was a boy rockette and that my really dear friend writes gay is good!"

    LOL! Thanks for coming by hon!

  3. The video is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  4. That's a fantastic video! Loved it. How the H*LL did I miss that on Brynn's blog?

  5. Oh, and're far from ordinary!

    You're welcome Eyre, my pleasure! I've watched it about 50 times myself!

    Hi Carol! Hmmm, good question, how DID you manage not to notice 12 hot and talented male dancers??? Sleep-surfing? ;) Thanks for coming by!

  6. Very cute, Devon!!! Thanks for sharing :) Of course, it didn't escape my notice that all 12 guys could do the splits. So very flexible ;) OK, so now I have to get my mind out of the gutter because I have to head back to the EDJ.

  7. Now I have "It's a Small World" stuck in my head - lol. But I think it's so cool that your friend is in the video! What are the odds? :D

  8. I know, Ava, flexibility, strength, and rhythm... sigh.

    Bron! NOOOOOO! Do not mention that evil song on my blog! ;)

    It was total DUH moment. No WONDER I though of him first time I watched it! (handhead) So super cool, though, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was the one who came up with the idea and choreographed is SOOO him. :)


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