Saturday, February 27, 2010

Remember A Pint Light? 5 Delightful Divas & Recommended Read

Just a quick driveby post to squee a bit! A Pint Light received Five Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read, along with a really flattering review, from Kathy at Dark Divas this week. APL was my first single release, and is the first story in a world which I have several more books built within, coming out in the next year as the Vampires & Mages & Weres, Oh My! series. Click HERE for the complete review.

Valerian stole Raine's blood, his magic...and his heart.

What's a vampire to do when every day is the same old dull quest for blood? Head to Maui, of course. But before Valerian can hit the beach, he needs to get rid of the sultry mage seducing him in his sleep. She may have fooled his subconscious, but he doesn't need a mate complicating his life. Imagine Val's shock when he finds out she's a he, yet still has the power to arouse him beyond anything he'd ever imagined.

Raine faints at the sight of blood and isn't looking forward to being a vamp's chew toy. Still, family duty calls, and Valerian turns out to be the hottest, and most powerful, male on two legs. Raine is crushed when the sexy vamp of his dreams runs from their rough play in horror. But his pride can't stand in the way when Valerian accidently steals his magic along with his blood.

Now, with time running out, Raine needs to seduce him one last time to even up the score, and maybe this time, they'll exchange more than blood and power. Magic is in the air, and sometimes love only needs a little nudge.


  1. Congrats on the fabulous review!!! :)

  2. So is that this year, this year or next year? I'm going to be eagerly awaiting them for sure... and I'll definitely be reading them MUCH sooner than I did APL... *blush*

  3. Congratulations! It's well-deserved.

  4. Thanks everyone! :) Kathy, I'm glad you finally got around to it. ;)


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