Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yes, the move is OVER! I'm am living in my shiny new house (well, new to me), and just love it. I'm actually sitting in my very echoey old house right now since the internet won't be up at the new one until Monday. Since we're only 3 miles away, a middle of the night trip to "connect" only made sense. ;)

Now there is still some significant unpacking and arranging to be done, at least one more trip to IKEA, more furniture coming, and of course, the internet install. Plus I have 6 days to get this house ready for the renters. But by this time next week, I imagine my life will be quite a bit more leisurely than it has been of late. Which will translate into more writing time!!


  1. Yay! for the move being finished. Have fun getting the new home ready. That's the best part of a move for me... making the new house a home.

  2. Congrats on fnishing the move!! I bet the girls (and you) are loving the new house :)

    I'd have driven to the old house to hop on the internet, too ;)

  3. Congrats on the heavy lifting part of the move being done!

  4. Thanks gals! Yep, back at the house for another online fix. :) I'm actually going to miss this place...spent almost 13 years here...just plain outgrew it.

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Hey Devon, congrats on the move and good luck with getting all settled in and making a new home.

  7. Congrats on the move Devon - I am glad it all went well...

    a middle of the night trip to "connect" only made sense. ;)

    Makes sense to me as well.. LOL



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