Saturday, August 28, 2010

My First Amber Quill Release Is Live!

Thanks for a timely prod by Ava to remind me that AQ releases come out sooner for us lagging-behind West-Coasters. :)

My latest release, The Swap, is now available at Amber Quill.


When layoffs hit Jim LaRue’s company, his first concern isn’t for his own job, it’s for his friend and co-worker, Tommy Graves. Tommy’s coming off a bad year, finally made better by the purchase of a new house. Losing his job would mean losing the house, however, and his newfound lease on life. Jim can’t let that happen to the man he’s secretly come to love, so he proposes a swap to his boss—forfeit his own job to save Tommy’s.

Now suddenly out of work, Jim reluctantly accepts a job helping Tommy remodel his house. Having the work is great, but it also chafes Jim’s pride to be employed by his friend, and creates one of several obstacles in their budding romance.

Can Jim and Tommy get past their differences and finally make this swap work in their favor?


  1. Congrats, Devon!!

    ...oh, and your welcome. What are friends for, if not to prod one another every now and then? ;)


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