Saturday, November 5, 2011

Free Reads, Contest Reminder and Writing Military Virgins...

...Because you know they're out there. You catch them early enough in their military careers and they're typical young (horny) guys, who may not have had any manlove yet. But once you get them going...

The two guys in the book I just finished (Wed) and contracted (Thurs), A Ring and A Promise, were roommates at the Naval Academy...with benefits. So come January, you can read some Navy on Marine (and vice versa) deflowerings. I pretty much smushed all my favorite tropes together in one smexy bunch--men in uniform, first times, against all odds, roommates, friends to lovers, and a smidge of gay for you. It'll be a happy (ever after) new year for us all. ;)

I got creative (well, more so) and decided to take the plunge into the world of self-pub on All Romance ebooks. My two free short stories this year, In The Wild (The Dreamspinner Halloween short, which is One Wish #2.5), and His Last Resort (the MM group Don't Read In The Closet antho short) are both now available as free PDF downloads from ARe. The links are also on my right sidebar.
Oh, and don't laugh too hard at the covers. I have a much greater respect for cover artists than ever before! BTW, GRL attendees might want to take a close look. :D

Speaking of GRL, I'm in the middle of a voyeuristic little story set at the retreat and the bar across the street, Oz, and what one lucky attendee got to watch two hot guys doing on the balcony. More details when I'm done!

Just a reminder, don't forget to take a read back through my GRL updates and answer the ten questions I posted on Halloween for your chance to win an autographed book and swag bag. See THE CONTEST POST for details. Good luck! :)


  1. Sorry, this is completely unrelated to anything you've just posted - I got distracted by the cover for Let It Snow, which I'm sure it the cover for the DSP Christmas shorts this year... How can there be wind blowing the one guy's scarf behind him, yet blowing (in the opposite direction!) the other guy's robe open? Inquiring minds inquire...

  2. LMAO, if I run into Paul I'll be sure to ask. Maybe in Cheesecake Boy world, the wind is one big swirly twirl. I'm staring at it, and it KIND of looks like they're both being blown to present boy's left...kinda??


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