Friday, March 2, 2012

Grr... Technical Difficulties..please stand by...

For some reason, Blogger has decided to not let me post comments or replies on my own blog. I know...weird, right? So I'm stuck in limbo while trying to figure out a solution, and...more difficultly...getting some help from Blogger. (I've had no luck finding any way to get help...I don't even think they have anything like tech support)

So I'll appeal to you guys! Any suggestions? Keep in mind I can't respond to comments, which is the whole issue. LOL. Sorry, I'm not ignoring you guys, I just CAN'T reply! If you need more info, email me offlist at devonrhodes at hotmail.


  1. Okay, guess it just took me actually getting pissed off enough to make a post! Within minutes, I had been sent the solution (something to do with my cookies settings..though now the question is, how did they get changed in the first place?).

    No more to see here, folks, move along!

  2. Yay for figuring it out! :)


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