Sunday, July 1, 2012

Helloooooo Out There...

Gah! And here I thought people had just gotten busy because of summer...

I'd vaguely noticed that my inbox wasn't as busy lately, but didn't think much of it. Inbox is singular on purpose, btw...I have emails from all of my various email accounts (they seem to multiply, don't they?) forwarded into one user-friendly account.

I was still getting emails, just not as many.

So it was a surprise when Amber Kell got in touch via one of my alternate emails this weekend and told me that my work one was bouncing emails. After a bit of investigation, I realized that my inbox at work was filled to capacity with close to 7500 emails and their attachments, lol, since I had the emails forwarded elsewhere, but never actually deleted any from the main account's inbox. Lesson learned! :) I emptied it out and now should be good for another couple of years. Send out an email telling people to resend if anything bounced. Viola. Back on track. End of story...or so I thought.

THEN, I got an email from one of my publishers who said they were resending a message since they hadn't heard back from me. I got to thinking, though, that they wouldn't have used my work email, but my Devon one. So I checked the forwarding history on that one, and lo and behold, I hadn't "successfully retrieved messages" since June 21st! O.O

Evidently that one had been put "on hold" due to some mysterious something-or-other and I had to reverify and set up a new password and all that jazz. Sigh. So now that I've gone through the triple digit emails that had built up there, I'm hoping that's the end of my email issues for a while!

I mean, really. Two different, unrelated email problems at the same time? Just glad they were somewhat easily resolved.

So my apologies if anyone out there hasn't heard back from me in a timely fashion lately! I'm back on task now, promise!!

How is everyone's summer going? It's a hot one for a lot of you. We're pretty cool still here in the Pac NW, 60's and 70's most days still. I saw this on FB and it pretty much sums things up. I'm right under the 76 up in the corner...(*ducks as angry, overheated people throw things at me*).

Make mine a margarita with a frosted glass I can press to my face! What's your hot weather remedy?


  1. Sweet tea and I'm under one of the 100+ temps. Ugh!

  2. My way of beating the heat? Work nights and sleep in the air conditioning during the hot daytime! ;-)

  3. *insert Twilight Zone music for email situation*

    WEIRD. It's 77 here already and it's not even 7 am. Blech!


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