Thursday, February 28, 2013

Squeaking In One Last February Post!

Yes, I've been hiding, but not on purpose. I've been super busy writing, and alas, writing and dinking around online just don't mix well, at least not for me! I have four manuscripts going at the moment, and sometimes feel like my head's going to explode!

A Sticky Wicket in Bollywood is all finalized and ready for its April pre-release date, so now TA Chase and I are working on our next International Men of Sports book, titled Chasing the King of the Mountains. The country for that one will be France, and one of the heroes is a cyclist competing in the Tour de France. The other hero is a journalist. Just started it yesterday, and it's already coming along nicely!

I've also been working on my story for this year's GRL Unconventional anthology. Yep, we're back, and this year, we've all set our stories at the Melia Hotel in Atlanta, which is where the retreat will be held. Our characters wander through each other's books, too, so you'll get to see them throughout the six stories in the antho. My story is about halfway done, so I'm hoping to wrap that one up this week!

Because I didn't have enough to do, I decided to plot out and start writing a new mystery series as well! I have a five book story arc, and I'm well into the first book. It was really interesting doing that much plotting since I usually just wing it. But with them being a mystery, there are a lot of layers, so I got out the old yellow legal pad and pen and did some crafting.

One last big project of mine was building another website. No, not the Devon Rhodes one I've told you all about in my last post (and hope you've been over to check it out!). I've decided that I have enough girly-part stories in the works to warrant another pen name just for my MF and MFM stories. So I snatched up the domain for Stacey Lynn Rhodes, built a website, and will be adding on to and re-releasing my Seasoned Women collection under that name over the next year (one per season :) ). They were originally all short stories, so I now have the chance to really flesh them out to novel length--very excited about that!

That's what I've been up to...besides the day job and being a mom and all that jazz, lol. What do you all have keeping you busy during the last months of winter?

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