Wednesday, May 8, 2013

RT 2013...Day Two...Kicking It Off and Disco Inferno

At Club RT...There's no place like home...

Sometimes it's amazing to me that more packages and letters don't go astray, especially when you think of the logistics and sheer number of them criss-crossing all over. Most of the time, we all take for granted that things will end up where they should. Silly us. LOL.

TA Chase and Stephani Hecht wo-manning the table
Wednesday started out with Club RT in mind. For those of you who haven't been, think of it as a sort of market slash meet-n-greet. There are dozens of gift baskets lined up along one wall with fun baskets to enter to win. Around the edges of the rest of the room are vendors, including publishers (like me) and booksellers, sellers of everything from jewelry and costumes, to wine and trinkets. In the middle of the room are round tables where authors can sit and meet readers.

Steph looks mesmerized by the way our banner is upright.

We were having a giveaway of a Kindle, ebooks and a Wizard of Oz themed basket. All of which I had in my possession that morning. Only thing I was missing was the freestanding banners. I had a dozen people from both the hotel and the convention roped into trying to find the suckers. After at least two hours of searching they turned up...right where they should have been all along. Hmm. Guess they'd been hiding the first time they looked there! O.o

Just another ordinary person signing up for our drawing (cover model Scott Nova)
Then came the fun of trying to remember how to put them up. LOL. I won't describe it to you in detail. Suffice to say hilarity ensued and six of us were standing around scratching our heads for a lot of it. I finally got it figured out and viola! we were ready about 15 minutes before opening.

Ethan and his ever-present Diet Coke came to visit.
TA and I manned the table together and in turns, and also had lots of help from Daisy Harris, Steph Hecht, Marie Sexton and Ranae Rose. It was great getting to talk to the convention goers in a more relaxed atmosphere.

There are events, panels and spotlights going on all day, every day. I didn't get to many this year since I was in Club RT most of the time, but I heard some great things about them! I had to give a spotlight in front of a room of people interested in publishing with us, and since I'm sooo comfortable in front of groups, that was fun! But I got through it and that brought us to the big evening event of Wednesday...

The entertainment...Ellora's Cavemen plus a girl lol.

Yes, it was Disco night! Or more properly, Ellora's Cave Bad Girls of Romance Disco Inferno.
Boogy-oogy-oogying with TA Chase, readers/reviewers Leigh and Francesca and Daisy Harris.
 We discoed and hustled and danced to a rather eclectic mix of music (pretty sure half of it wasn't from the 70's, disco's heyday, and I would know...I was alive practically the whole decade!). Energy was high and lots of people really enjoyed dressing the part.

 After we danced the last dance, we headed to... Guesses anyone? Yes! You're right! Spectators, lol. We ran into a couple of the Cavemen there--Nick and David--and since someone had left their calendar behind that everyone had got as giveaways, they were nice enough to talk to us and pose with their photos.

 And so closed the first full day of RT. Tomorrow we'll visit Day Three...50 Shades of Surprise, Snow and the Ball.

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