Monday, May 23, 2011

Writing, writing, writing...

Been doing a fair amount of it lately and it feels great. Last night, I started my reader-request freebie, based on this photo. Meet my heroes--and don't mind them. They're a bit busy at the moment. *g*

The reader's setup was: 
"The first look between them had been innocent, or so he'd thought. I'd love to see exactly how things changed and where they'll end up."

Got 1K written and I'm happy with how it's setting up. The trick will be keeping it from turning into a book...though I suppose that wouldn't be the worst possible outcome!

I've also made a couple thousand words worth of progress this week on Locke, Stock and Barrel, the next book in my Vampires & Mages & Weres, Oh My! series. You met Locke in Through the Red Door, and he'll be getting his mate, Aspen, in this book. But will he be able to keep him?

When my boys aren't keeping me busy, I'm in the spa...not literally (I wish!), but working on my short story Monsoon Treatment. I should make another trip to Dosha, actually, for research. You know...just to make sure everything is accurate. :D

I'm also writing a song. Not a real one, per se, but one that will be included in One More Wish, the sequel to One Wild Wish which will be coming out on September 22nd. At the time I wrote and submitted the book, I put in INSERT SONG LYRICS HERE. So at some point, I'm going to have to...insert. Which means I have to write them. I know what I want to say with them, but making it sound good is a whole 'nother thing. "Wish" me luck! ;)

I had a hilarious idea for a new M/M paranormal story while I was brainstorming for the reader request story. I'm fleshing it out now, and since it's really hitting me, I might have to bump something else from the schedule and write it first. Not sure if the idea will fit into any of the worlds I've already written or if it will be a free-standing one, or (horrors!) another series. Either way, it'll be on the fast-track! More info when I wrap something up...hopefully very soon! :)


  1. Your brain sounds like battle of the plot bunnies!

  2. LOL, feels like it sometimes, too. :)If it was more spread out and consistent, it would be great, but for some reason my muse is more manic/depressive. Either TONS of stuff happening, or on strike. Nothing in between!


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