Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time For Me To Talk About GRL...

...even though I don't want to. Because writing my annual summing-it-up post(s) means that it's over, and that's just sad. :( Time to put it down in writing, though, before I start forgetting details! So here we go! (Pics are mine unless I've indicated otherwise.)

The setting of GRL Albuquerque 2012 (at the Hard Rock Casino in the middle of nowhere) was vastly different than GRL NOLA 2011 (on Bourbon Street in the middle of the French Quarter), but I'd almost have to give the edge to this year's event if someone made me choose one over the other. Why? Well, the events were a lot of fun, the learning curve had flattened, and the venue really bent over backwards for us. In fact, the hotel is the one who put our logo on the floor, all of their own volition. Pretty cool. And Georgie, our event planner liason, was all kinds of fabulous. :)

I got to room with the awesome (and freaking adorable) TA Chase. Above, we're on the balcony of our room catching some sun before things really kicked off. And below we're having lunch with Stephani Hecht, Jackie Nacht and VJ Summers. (An aside--they put green chiles on everything down there. I kind of miss them. Kind of.)

Suffice to say, TA and I spent a lot of time together. LOL. So much so that I think there was a rumor going around that we were having a Twitter-ffaire. I can neither confirm nor deny...

We tried to take to heart the recommended dress code and kept things form-fitting. I found it pretty ironic that a place with such anti-gang policies tat-stamped the inside of our wrists every time we went into a bar.

Everyone here probably knows Jared by now, lol. Here we are meeting the night before things kicked off. I posted this photo on Twitter to defuse the TA rumors, showing that yes, I was hanging out with someone besides her. More about Jared later... :)

The first day was full and fun. It kicked off with Red Hot Pictionary hosted by me and the other ladies of the Unconventional At Best Antho. Will here had the fun of drawing "foreskin" (and his drawing had mild-mannered attendees in the audience yelling out every euphemism you can think of!). Anyone see themselves in the crowd??

 Then he got to read a NSFW excerpt from my story containing the word...and he ROCKED it. (turn the volume down, lol).

Here we all are with our big banner that TEB nicely had done for us! From left to right, Amber Kell, Stephani Hecht, Carol Lynne, me, TA Chase and Jambrea Jo Jones.

Later on was the opening gala. Here I am with the lovely (and jet-lagged) Clare London. That wasn't my drink, I was holding it for the photographer. I pretty much stuck to beer the whole retreat, lol. No cherries for me!

The day ended on a high note with the second annual Gentlemen's JukeJoint Junket. Not quite as crazy as last year, but the dancing was much easier and everyone made it out on the floor (or up on stage!) at some point! Got this great crowd shot from Ethan.

Here's an action shot of Damon Suede and Jared showing everyone how to move to Billie Jean. There's also video on my FB page if you want to see them work it!

And here I am apres-dancing with Ethan and Damon. Apparently Ethan doesn't sweat like we normal people do.

I had a great time one Day One and it surpassed even my hopelessly positive anticipation I'd let build up in my head during the wait for GRL to actually start already!!

I'll continue with Day Two and Day Three soon. :) Sweet dreams, my loves!


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun. Jared is a cutie and a very good dancer, too. :)

    1. It was so much fun. I really look forward to it all year! And yes, Jared is a sweetheart and has some serious moves. Working that hair!

  2. I am going into green chile withdrawal, actually. :D Specifically, green chile cheeseburgers on hard taco shells and green chile enchiladas.

    I barely got to talk to you! :( There were just so many people...

    1. :( I know! I'd see you go past from time to time, but I DID make a beeline for you after one of the ballroom events (hmm, opening gala? a breakfast? Man, it all blends!!), so at least we got one good hug in! :D

      Mmm, chile cheeseburgers on taco shells. That sounds really good. I think I'll be getting creative for dinner one night soon. Kinda thinking they'd be good in an omelet too. :)

    2. True, that was a good hug. :)

      I had these amazing gluten-free egg, cheese, bacon, and green chike rolls in Santa Fe, so I'm sure they'll be great in an omelet. :)


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