Monday, August 24, 2009

My First Edits for RR

I was chatting with my editor at DSP when I opened the manuscript, and oh, the sea of red! She assured me (while laughing, I'm sure) that it wasn't the worst she'd seen. And it was mostly formatting changes. Still, looked at first like a paintball casualty! All in all, it is very interesting to see how different publishers edit (I proof for another publisher).

Turns out there weren't that many changes, just a lot of little tweaks. Many good suggestions. A couple things that I caught that slipped past them, but nothing major. And only one or two corrections that I wasn't excited by. All in all, a pretty painless process so far. I think all the proofing I've been doing has prepared me for the reality of the edit process, and I can definitely empathize even more now with the authors I'm proofing for! Glad that I was raised right and am polite about the suggestions..will continue to be even more so!

So now Remarkable Restraint is back in to my editor, and I'm thrilled and confident that my baby is in good hands.


  1. I've had terrible edits and nothing edits. So I feel your pain. :-)

  2. Paintball casualty - funny. I refer to it as a murder victim.


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