Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blog Award and Yet Another New Cover!

Yes, one more cover for everyone to see here first! This one's for One Wild Wish, coming from Dreamspinner Press on June 1st. I love it. They did a great job capturing Rory, especially considering this is a "simple" cover they worked up for me. Hats off to DSP!

I have the blurb and an excerpt posted in the previous blog post so you can put a little bit of interaction with Rory together with the image of him on the cover.

In other news, I was tagged this weekend by Eyre at A Reader's Journey for having a Happy Blog! :)  Thank you Eyre! You are as sweet as the sprinkle cupcakes.

What to do:
List 10 things that make you happy.
Try and do at least one of them today.
Tag bloggers that brighten your day and let them know.
Link back to the person that tagged you.

My 10 happy thoughts:
  • Coffee!
  • A great song on the radio to sing along to.
  • My daughter's giggle.
  • Wispy clouds across a blue, blue sky.
  • Waterfalls, pools, the ocean, streams, rivers...hey, I'm a Pisces. Any form of water is good!
  • A long soak in the tub (see previous answer).
  • Spicy Asian food.
  • Getting a piece of personal snail mail.
  • My friends, both IRL and online...particularly my bff, my hub. :)
  • Reading.
My blogs I love are pretty self-evident, just look at my sidebar below and to the right for all of my faves! If you're over there, consider yourself a winner... you get the prize! Not required to fill out your own Top 10 list, but I'd love to see them if you do! :)


  1. Very nice cover!

    Great list. I can't believe I left coffee off mine. :)

  2. Lovely cover and list!

    I had spicy orange chicken tonight. Yum!

  3. Ohhhh Love the cover Devon... Congrats..

    I will agree with you on number 8 - I love getting mail in the post - especially hand written mail...

    Happy day hon..


  4. Thanks all, I LOVE this cover. Gets better every time I look at it.

    Lily--I know, I swear coffee is part of all my plans if I think about it. First thing in the morning while I do my internet rounds...standing coffee dates with my gf...that cup or two at night after everyone's in bed and I'm writing.

    Eyre--mmm, spicy orange chicken, I'm thinking I need to hit Panda Express for lunch today.

    EH--great to see you! Yes, there's something about opening a letter and unfolding it, and it happens so rarely anymore.

  5. Cover luck has struck! :)

    Mmm, coffee, reading, waterfalls, music to sing along to... all are good.


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