Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wet Topics

Here's an ironic twist on April Fools. I finished my second ever manuscript, Wet Your Whistle, on April 1st last year and submitted it to a publisher who promptly said, ah...NO. Reading back through it last fall, I still enjoyed the story, but it needed a huge overhaul, which I worked on around the holidays last year in my spare time, haha. An extra 5K and considerable tweaking later, I checked email after flying home this April 1st, and lo and behold...a contract offer for WYW. How weird is that? As soon as I get some details like a release date, I'll share more. :) WYW is a m/m/f menage in a futuristic setting.


  1. He looks good either way.

    Congrats on the story! :)

  2. I like the hair. And congrats on an another offer. Welcome back

  3. Thanks gals! :) Good to be back, S.

    I like the hair shot as well, looks really retro doesn't it? Like from the golden age of film or something. But the more recent shot has it's advantages, namely a view of his surfing moneymaker. ;) It's all in the torso, baby.


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