Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me ... BIG giveaway!

One year ago today, my first publication came out, Remarkable Restraint in the Games in the Dark anthology from Dreamspinner Press. I still love my two sexy, kinky guys, Chaz and Justin (and you too, Andy...your story is coming, I promise!), but boy, a lot of new books and characters have come along since then. So many so, it really rings nostalgic to me to go back and reread this one!

Now, I have 10 books out, another 4 releasing in the next two months (plus my first audio book), and contracts for a few more going into 2011. It's been quite a year, and I couldn't have done it without all of you!! A few specific shoutouts and thank you's:

Ava--for beta reading RR and offering so much of yourself time and time again

Shawn--for taking the time to befriend and mentor me along the way

Julianne--for liking RR enough to contract it and then become a dear and wise friend

Christine--for your constant cheerleading and loving my vamps enough to go to bat for #2, A Pint Light

Jess--for our endless chats, your patience with my muse, and awesome editing

Eyre, Chris and Lily--for your dedication to commenting on my blog

Shellie--for your positive attitude and lovely heart

And to all my other online friends, family, peers, readers and fans--thank you for your support!  I do it all for you!!


Yes, I put that in plural on purpose. I'll be giving away FOUR ebooks today!!

1) I will give a choice of ebook from my backlist to a random commenter on this blog post.

2) Another will go to one lucky commenter on Dreamspinner Press's blog.

3) I will choose one of my favorite places to hang out from the list below and a commenter at that site will win as well:

   Twitter @devonrhodes
   Ethan Day's Yahoo group
   Goodreads' M/M Romance group

4) If you pimp this contest and link back to it on your blog or other location (letting me know about it!), I will enter you in the fourth drawing!!

Pretty simple, and YES, you can enter all these ways for a greater chance of winning!

Good luck and thanks again!! :) Dev


  1. Many many congrats on your first year of being published...

    Wishing you many more and loads of sales...

    Congrats hon..


  2. You may be the most prolific writer I have EVER SEEN :D Did you actually get all that penned in a single year, or did you have ten novels in a drawer looking for a good home? Anyway, congrats on the amazing success and may your next year be as fruitful as this one!

  3. Thanks EH, you deserve a mention too, you've been very supportive!!

    Hi Rachel! LOL, well I started writing only about 6 mos before I was pubbed. My first still hasn't seen the light of day, and my second is one of the ones coming out in about a month. RR was my third and A Pint Light my fourth, so yeah, pretty much all of them were written in the past year. :) No novels yet though, that's still beyond my patience, although I have a couple planned.

  4. Happy anniversary, hon! You're an amazing author and I'm so happy I have the privilege to work with you! Mwah.
    (no need to enter me in the contest. let some other lucky reader win that. i just wanted to say happy anniv. :-D)

  5. Happy anniversary and good luck writing many more books!

  6. Congratulations and continued good luck. Happy anniversary.

  7. Congratulations! I'm very impressed...

  8. Happy anniversary!!!! What an impressive release record, too. Whoot!!

  9. Congratulations Devon. What an awesome 1st year!

  10. Congradulations on your one year mark! Wow you have been one busy writer.

    *raises wine glass* Heres to many more to come!


  11. Happy anniversary :)!!!

    And I too second the question - did you write all ten books in just one year? I am utterly amazed - from now on, whenever the urge to procrastinate sneaks on me, I'll think of you as a good example! :)


  12. Congratulatins, Devon. Well earned, and well loved too. =)

    P.S. I posted this to Facebook and then realized I hadn't friended you yet, so you have a friend request from me as well.

  13. Happy Anniy to you Devon and may the writing gods look down on your in the coming year and give you even more wonderful stories for all of us!

  14. Congrats!!!!

    And, aw, thanks for the mention. :)

    Pssst - did Ava share the cover I found that had your guy from A Pint Light... with long flowing blond hair?! O.o

  15. You have given me a lot of reading pleasure this past year. Thank you. I am looking forward to the next year, especially that new one you started last week!

  16. I would love to be entered in your contest. I really enjoy your stories Thanks

  17. Congratulations! What an exciting year! I wish you many more!

  18. Congrats on your Anniversary!! What an awesome year you've had and I look forward to reading more of your fab stories!!

    And thanks for the mention. :)

  19. Congrats! I still can't believe it's been a year. And you have so many books out and more coming. And they all happen to be really good reads. That's something to be proud of. lol


  20. Congratulations on the one year anniversary Devon. I remember when you were so excited about your first story being released... it's hard to believe a year's gone by already!

    Whoo hoo... and many more wonderful stories and years to come.

  21. Oh, by the way, I posted a link and a blurb about the contest. Although why I'm expanding the pool of possible competitors I don't know. *sigh*
    Ah well, you definitely deserve all the congratulations you can get Devon!


  22. Congratz! I love authors that our always puting out new work :D Keeps me from having to wait as long for my next read :D

  23. wow! You have been busy in the past year! Congrats, sweety!


  24. I'm exhausted just reading how busy you've been, LOL. Congrats!

  25. (((Devon)))

    Congratulations & thanks for the mention! You're one of my favorite online buddies. :)

  26. ((((Devon))))
    Happy Anniversary:) Congrats on a stellar first year! I know you're going to have many many more successful years to come!

  27. Happy Anniversary Devon :D Congratulations on your continued successes!!

    Take care :)

    Tame (chrysalis1975)


    I also will post this to my blog: chrysalis1975.blogspot.com

  28. Happy anniversary! Thanks for the great giveaway.
    You are very busy writing I see. I have a lot of catching up to do on your books.

  29. Big congrats and Happy Anniversary, Devon! (hugs)

  30. Thanks everyone!! I'm truly touched, and really enjoyed spending my day with you all. :)

    I'll be posting up the winners first thing in the morning!

  31. Wow, Devon. It looks like you've had an amazing year. Huge congratulations.


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