Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mini-Vacation... Ahhh...

Off for a quick couple of nights at the coast tomorrow. I live close enough for an easy day trip (about a 90 minute drive), but over the years seem to go less and less often even though the beach really calls to me. Love the tranquil peace I always feel near the ocean. Hey, I'm a Pisces, total water baby.

The timing is a bit ironic since I'm going to be leaving on the annual trek east the day after I get back from going west to the beach. More about that in a few days.

But's the coast. Totally worth going the wrong way.

My plans while soaking it all in? Other than a bit of editing, I need to write some song lyrics and a blurb for my next release, One More Wish. If the muse is willing, I plan to unearth a manuscript I've been planning to revise for some time now and actually get to it. Hopefully I'll have some good progress to report to you this weekend.


  1. Thanks Eyre and Chris!

    Currently sitting on the balcony watching the greenish-gray Pacific. This morning built a little mini-eco-system in a bucket with the girls: four live crabs, sand, snails, a randomly loose anemone, seaweed, etc. It was fun watching the crabs through the transparent sides of the bucket. Catch and release back into the tidepool, of course. Topped off my coffee and made the rounds online, then went for a swim and hot tub. Now all cleaned up looking forward to some clam chowder for lunch. :)

    Life is good!


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