Monday, August 8, 2011

Ambitious Goal and a CONTEST!! Simple guessing game to win your choice of ebook!

I took a look at my writing plans for the coming year and it wasn't pretty. In fact, it was pretty helter-skelter. SO I made the somewhat ambitious promise to myself that I would finish all my current works in progress before 2012. My reasoning is that finishing up these languishing manuscripts will get them off my mind as well as off my to-do list, making it easier to be creative and concentrate on future works.

As for the contest, it's super easy: The first person to guess how many current WIP's I have to complete, wins either their choice of ebook from my backlist OR an ebook copy of my September release, One More Wish. One guess per person, here on my blog only, please. To help narrow it down a bit, I define a WIP as something I have at least one scene written on, with main character names and a working titles. I have more than two and less than a dozen. Okay, guess away and good luck!! :) Meanwhile, I'll be writing!


  1. My initial thought was 5, but I'm going to guess 8.

  2. D'oh! I wanted 7. Um... 6.

    Do you wanna schedule a prerelease promo/giveaway thingamabop? :)

  3. Great guesses! Not going to say if anyone has it yet, though...

    Chris, I'd love to schedule a PRPGT, lol! I sent you an email. ;)

  4. I would guess...14. You seem to have a prolific mind. :)

  5. Thorny wins with lucky number seven! Congrats, and thanks to everyone to entered! :)

    Now, let's just see if I can finish 'em all by the drop of the ball...


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