Friday, August 5, 2011

Home Again and Writing Again

1650 miles in two days, and we made it home Wednesday night. Grand total of 3898 miles over two and a half weeks...all driven by yours truly. We didn't degenerate into the road-trip-from-hell family portrayed to the left by any means. But it is a funny picture (thanks Melia and troops for the use of it!).

The best part about getting home was the weather. LOL! Everyone knows the horror that was Midwest weather over the past month... and we were there in the thick of it. And I do mean thick. The humidity about killed me. After living in New England, Florida, Texas and various Midwest states over the course of my life, you'd think I'd have some immunity to it. But nope. Oregon has made me wimpy. It was a lovely 78 degrees with 24% humidity when we arrived home, dropping almost into the 50s overnight. Heaven.

Rory and Benny fans: One Wish is getting two new stories this fall. Just finished the second one today. The first will be One More Wish, which is Benny and Curtis' book. I got the preliminary sketch for the Paul Richmond cover last week, and let me just say WOW! I can't wait until it's painted and I can share the finished product with you! One More Wish will release at Dreamspinner Press in mid- September. And today I finished writing a short story featuring Rory and Jared and Benny and Curtis, which will be a free read in October. It's titled In The Wild, and it's outdoor nudity, dragons and manlove all wrapped up in a sweet little package!

There will be at least one more novella in the future for One Wish, but I have a couple of other projects to finish first. Marines and pilots. Mages and weres. And sugarplums dancing in my head. :) My muse has said that's enough teasing. Time to get back to work!!


  1. Welcome back! Even WITH this alleged "immunity" to humidity we have living in the Midwest, it about killed us.

  2. Thanks Chris! Yeah, it was more awful than usual. Even the people living there who usually don't complain were wondering when it would end. Made me feel a little bit better about my wimpiness. :)


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