Monday, February 13, 2012

Drop and Give Me... Holding Out For A Blog Tour: Sexy Excerpt from Sue Holston

 This is the first stop on this week’s Drop and Give Me…Holding out for a Hero blog tour. Many thanks to Devon for inviting us. To celebrate Sue and mine’s new release, we are offering up free copy of our book and a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate at the end of the tour. So make sure you enter the contest on all five days to increase your chances of winning! 

Since this is Valentine’s Week, we’ve all shared our favorite smex scenes from our books. Enjoy!

Monday: Devon Rhodes hosts Sue Holston
Tuesday: Sue Holston hosts Em Woods
Wednesday: Em Woods hosts Sara York
Thursday: Sara York hosts Simone Anderson
Friday: Simone Anderson hosts Devon Rhodes

 An excerpt from In the Name of the Law, by Sue Holston:

Wanting to comfort the man he loved, he leaned over and briefly kissed Ivan, pulling away after brushing his lips against Ivan’s stubbled chin.

He was utterly surprised when Ivan, instead of shoving him away, pulled him in close and kissed him back. He hadn’t realised his partner was awake and responsive to his gesture of comfort. As Ivan deepened the kiss, Mitch knew he should stop it then and there, but it felt so good, and he was only human. He knew this might be his only chance to touch Ivan this way, and right there he decided he’d take it. 

Lightly stroking Ivan’s lips with his tongue, Mitch encircled his partner’s nape with his right hand, feeling the fine locks beneath his fingertips as something sweet and tingly tightened things low in his belly.

Just this once, Mitch would give in to temptation. He opened his mouth wider and plunged into Ivan’s heated moistness. Tongues met, and Mitch heard Ivan moan as if in pure pleasure. Taking his time, Mitch explored every inch of that mouth, teasing the tongue, sucking gently against the lower lip, nipping it then soothing. Never before had he been so turned on by just a kiss.

Mitch was caught up in the passion and desire of the kiss. Ever so greedy, he clamoured for more from him—he wanted Ivan naked beneath him. He wanted to see the ecstasy in his partner’s eyes when they both climaxed together. He wanted to make love to Ivan until he would fall in love with him, only him, forgetting his ex-fiancée forever.

Never breaking the embrace, Mitch started caressing Ivan’s pale chest. Knowing this opportunity was probably a once in a lifetime thing, he took every advantage. He petted Ivan everywhere—trailing his hands through Ivan’s blond hair, caressing his shoulder, then finally allowing himself to find Ivan’s nipple. Stroking softly, his thumb fondled the taut bud. A soft cry of pleasure came from Ivan’s throat.

“Please, Mitch, don’t stop,” Ivan moaned.

Mitch complied. How could he refuse?


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  1. Policemen are so hot!!!


  2. Very hot excerpt. I will be staying with you all week. please enter me in the contest tool

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  5. Sounds great

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  6. Police stories are right up my alley, so I can't wait to read this one! I've read Sue Holston's work before and it does not disappoint.

    Barb N.

  7. Enter me in the Amazon contest, I already have the book. :)

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  8. Some awesome authors in this collection. Very impressive. And a great cover!
    ~ Storm

  9. The summary sounds interesting, and the cover art is hot. Thanks for the entry.

  10. These stories sound wonderful! Thanks for the contest!

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  12. Blurbs and Covers always make me poorer especially when you get both hunks acting like the blurbs

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  14. Cops can be so very sexy!

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  16. I'm late of course as being in Alaska gets me at least a day
    I love this excerpt, and I want this book. I love emotional stories and this is going to be a good one..*S*
    thank you for the blog hop, and for all those heroes that keep we readers coming back for more...*S*


  17. This book sounds so hot!!! I'd love to win a copy. Thanks for the giveaway. Can't wait to read it.


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  21. Congrats to Lyra, the winner of the $25 Amazon gift card! Sue will be in touch with you!

    Thanks to everyone for entering and for your great comments. We'll be announcing the winner of Sue's book here shortly! :)


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