Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Always Have To Have The Last Word

I always think of the last line(s) of a book as having an echo effect, filling the empty void after it while acting as the summation of the story. So in a way they can be the most important sentences in a book. The last ones everyone reads. Can be a bit nervewracking to try to get right from the author's perspective. I do know that they are probably the ones I tweak the most.

Here are my correct final lines in all their glory. I was almost sad to take out the "Hero" and "Other Hero"s from the previous post. That was hilarious. It got me going on yet another tangent, which I'm building a new blog post around. Wait'll you see what randomness I've come up with next, lol. That's coming soon, but for now, The Last Words... (echoey sound effect)...

"Silver and gold. You didn’t have to convince me. Put them together, and now I know what they’re worth.”
~Silver and Gold

Jared winked at him. “Dragons.”
Rory’s eyes widened in delight.
~One Wild Wish

And now, the three of them had all the time in the world.
~Neighbors By Day, Naughty By Night

“As long as I’m at the top.”
~Making His List

“Yeah. Teach me.” Chaz watched those bright eyes darken in delightful response as he raised his hand into view, holding one of the T-shirt strips. “Welcome home, Justin.”
~Remarkable Restraint

"Deal,” Jim whispered back, knowing with this swap, his life would never be the same. And he couldn’t be happier.
~The Swap

“I love you, mate.”
“I love you too. My mage.”
~A Pint Light

“Doesn’t matter where we are,” Cameron argued sleepily but with conviction. “You’re always home with me.”
~A Detour Home

And no Scarlett act this time. She eyed the hallway to the bedroom then sent an inviting look to both of her men.
No time like the present to get started.
~Falling For the Other Brother

At least, once he found him.
Now. Time to track a mage.
~from the epilogue of TTRD, so kinda tricky. So here are the final lines from the main part of the book:

His vengeful angel. Punishment indeed.

Let the torture begin.
~Through the Red Door

“How do you feel about camping?”
~Winter's Thaw

Joey could feel the warmth of that gaze clear down to his soul, as Vance continued, contentment radiating from him, "But I must admit, having my pride and Joey is the best of every possible world. And I'm the luckiest guy in any of them."
~Pride and Joey

Derek’s laughter rang out in the locker room. He gathered Luke even closer. “So am I, babe, so am I.”
~Rough Riders

“We did it,” she corrected. “I couldn’t have done any of them without you.” She paused, adding impishly. “Oh, and I’ve put the notebooks with my new goals in them in a much better hiding place.”
~Sex on Summer Sabbatical

With his new family all together now, he had a lot to be thankful for. And in a minute he was going to toast to his good fortune—many times over.
~Wet Your Whistle

Which of these are your faves? Any in particular you remember hitting you in a certain way when you finished the actual book (good or not)? And in general, have the final words of a book ever changed your overall opinion of the book, in either direction?

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  1. Oh yes - back when I still read literary fiction *yawn*, I suffered through Songs in Ordinary Time for a book club. Nothing good happened to those poor people - things got worse and worse throughout the book. I hoped that the last page would provide a little spark of hope or SOMETHING... and the things got worse and more dreary with the very last line.

    Scarred me for life, obviously.


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