Monday, January 17, 2011

In the End... Who feels competitive??

Okay, back once again with a little something to liven up the January doldrums. Not another Nook, sorry! Just a little matching game with one of two books as prizes. The "first lines" meme that I did earlier sparked a comment on Shawn Lane's blog, where I said it'd be interesting to look at last lines. Well, she jumped right on that HERE so now I feel compelled to do mine as well. With a twist.

I've put the final line(s) of all fifteen of my current releases. The first person to email the correct answers to me gets their choice of either Wet Your Whistle or Sex on Summer Sabbatical (which I figured out while doing this I hadn't done giveaways for yet). Some of them were dead giveaways with the characters' names or references to the title or something else obvious, so I've substituted to keep it difficult interesting. :) So without further ado, here are my closing lines:

A) "...You didn’t have to convince me. Put them together, and now I know what they’re worth.”

B) Hero winked at him. “Dragons.”
Other Hero’s eyes widened in delight.

C) And now, the three of them had all the time in the world.

D) “As long as I’m at the top.”

E) “Yeah. Teach me.” Hero watched those bright eyes darken in
delightful response as he raised his hand into view, holding one of the T-shirt
strips. “Welcome home, Other Hero.”

F) “Deal,” Hero whispered back, knowing with this ____, his life
would never be the same. And he couldn’t be happier.

G) “I love you, mate.”
“I love you too. My mage.”

H) “Doesn’t matter where we are,” Hero argued sleepily but with conviction. “You’re
always home with me.”

I) And no Scarlett act this time. She eyed the hallway to the bedroom then sent an inviting look to ____ __ ___ ___.
No time like the present to get started.

J) At least, once he found him.
Now. Time to track a mage.

K) “Hmm?”
“How do you feel about camping?”

L) Hero could feel the warmth of that gaze clear down to his soul, as Other Hero continued, contentment radiating from him, "But I must admit, having my _____ ___ ____ is the best of every possible world. And I'm the luckiest guy in any of them."

M) Hero’s laughter rang out in the locker room. He gathered Other Hero even closer. “So am I,
babe, so am I.”

N) “We did it,” she corrected. “I couldn’t have done any of them without you.” She paused, adding impishly. “Oh, and I’ve put the notebooks with my new goals in them in a much better hiding place.”

O) With his new family all together now, he had a lot to be thankful for. And in a minute he was going to toast to his good fortune—many times over.

And here are the titles to match them with:

Remarkable Restraint
A Pint Light
Silver and Gold
A Detour Home
Rough Riders
Neighbors By Day, Naughty By Night
Through The Red Door
One Wild Wish
Sex On Summer Sabbatical
Falling For the Other Brother
Pride and Joey
Wet Your Whistle
The Swap
Making His List
Winter's Thaw

Simply send the answers in an email to devonrhodes @hotmail dot com with Matching Contest in the subject line. And go ahead and play for bragging rights if you already have those two titles. :) If nobody has all fifteen right by 11am ET, Saturday the 22nd, I'll choose the entrant with the highest number right (or draw a name if there's a tie).

How well do you know my lines?? And aside from the contest, any thoughts on them? :) Good luck!


  1. LOL, I just have to laugh @ "welcome home, other hero." I'm ROFLMAO.

  2. I'm LOL at the Hero/Other Heros throughout! Not entering, but what time Friday? (Trying to figure out if I can post it on linkity before it's over.)

  3. I know, lol, those really tickled me too. :D

    Chris, I've edited the post to reflect a firm time of 11am ET on Sat the 22nd. :) Thanks!

  4. Still no one with all of them right, so get your guesses in. It's still anyone's game!

  5. Congrats to jeribear, the winner with 9 correct!! I'll be contacting you to find out your choice of prize! I'll be posting all the right ending lines per book in a day or two. Thanks for playing! :)


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