Monday, October 31, 2011

GRL Swag Contest ...Happy Halloween!!


Okay, here at last is my GayRomLit swag contest. Take a look back through my recaps, then send the correct answers to the following questions to me at devonrhodes@hotmail dot com with GRL Contest in the subject line. I will randomly draw the winner from all entries with all (or the most) correct answers. Contest runs through next Monday, November 14th at midnight, and I will announce the winners on Tuesday. Good luck!

1. Name two of the dancers we saw at Lafitte's.
2.Who did I ride on the streetcar with?
3. My admirer's nickname?
4. Who did I chat with in the airport on the way home?
5. I shared a table at the booksigning with what author?
6. Which of my books made multiple readers cry?
7. Someone who was with me on my balcony.
8. Two of the bloggers I spent time with?
9. My roommate for the retreat?
10. Dates and location of NEXT year's retreat!
11. Your favorite author in one of my photos (no wrong answer here!).

***The winner (in the US or Canada only due to shipping costs, sorry!) will receive a swag bag including a signed copy of the Gaymes anthology, a Devon travel mug, a T-shirt I specially designed for GRL, and other assorted fun stuff.***A runner up will receive the T-shirt.***

And everyone who enters and provides their snail mail addy will receive a magnet I specially designed for GRL and at least one autographed postcard. Hopefully that's enough incentive to look through my posts for the answers, and they are all right here on my blog.

Happy Halloween Hunting and good luck! :)


  1. I'm not entering, but I'll mention it in linkity on Friday!

  2. Oooooh, and I know the answers to so many of these questions :P

  3. Girl, you ARE the answer to one of these questions! :D

  4. Now, don't listen to all the rumors. I was perfectly innocent at NOLA. *puts on angel halo*

  5. Hahahahaha...

    *clutching my stomach*

    You innocently got flogged. And snockered...a wee bit anyway. O.O

    Chris--yeah? Not bad, huh? I have a whole new appreciation for what cover artists do. What a time suck!! And I think Stephani thought you were talking about her...or maybe you, it's all about me, right?

    Yes, Steph, Chris did see what you did there... ;)

    Starting my Oz balcony voyeurism story tonight. :D Now that I know how to publish stuff on ARe, thought I'd get rolling while it's fresh in my mind.


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