Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Twelve Gays of Christmas Video...Hey I KNOW Him!

...Or as I titled it in 2009, Small Freakin' World: Hey, I KNOW Him!! Here's the post from the past two years and a video I still love!! I was going to save this story for next Way Back Wednesday, but couldn't wait to share after the OTHER video (see below). :D

(Original post 12-17-09)

Talk about my two worlds colliding!

Okay, this all started when Brynn Paulin randomly posted this great video on her blog. I watched it, loved it, and proceeded to spread the joy.

Then my friend Melia watched it and said, "Oh, it's great, and you do realize Brad's in this, right?"


I totally spread around this video not even knowing that one of my friends "in real life" is one of the dancers!  So bizarre!!

Anyway, when Brad was performing with the Rockettes' Christmas show about 5-6 years ago, the guys in the show got together and made this up as a Christmas present for the rockettes.  This is their performance for the gals, who you can hear doing all the screaming throughout!

Now I see him dancing every my daughters' dance academy just down the road.  He brings all that enthusiasm and talent to the fore every single day working with the dancers of tomorrow, and he does a fabulous job doing it!

Melia, me and Brad--holidays 2010

Back to "now", here's me with Melia and Brad out on the town about a year ago. When you watch the video, he's towards the far end (away from the camera) with a white shirt and long dark scarf on. He's just astounded not only that this is still around but also how popular it is. LOL, why wouldn't it be? Watch and see for yourself, and give Brad and his crew some love. I'll be sure to pass it on! :D

For more Christmas smiles, here is a video Brad shared on FB today that got me in the holiday spirit!


  1. I so need to steal/borrow that Christmas video that was one of the best things I have seen in forever.

  2. That is MARVELOUS!!! The video is so wonderful and i am laughing til i cried. thank you. : )

  3. It's not Christmas to me until I see this video! :D


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