Tuesday, September 1, 2009

5K Day on WsIP

Had my most productive day since APL yesterday. I overcame a roadblock on my current WIP, Silver & Gold, and finally got that on track to completion. I managed to get through the most difficult scenes, the setup and first meeting, which puts me in place to begin work on the fun scenes. All downhill from here, since most of the rest is set in my head. :) Already hard at it this morning, reviewing yesterday's work and delving into the next scene.

The entire 5K wasn't on S&G, part of it was a mid-story scene I hammered out for my next project, also on track to complete this month. I don't have many firm details to pass along yet, but let's just say this scene involves fit men, sweat, and an illegal tackle. Those of you who know me know that I usually write in a very linear fashion, but this scene was so vivid that I needed to get it down, even though it occurs well into this book.

I came up with my characters' names during my very productive and impromptu emergency-name-creating-summit-chat this weekend (thanks Shawn and Ava). Originally just looking to firm up names for S&G, the byproduct was two great names for the next project as well. Andy (aka my muse) was apparently very happy with my choices. He's finally stopped pouting and is actively helping me along now. It probably doesn't hurt that he's VERY interested in a secondary character in  S&G. :)


  1. Thanks S! I ended up using a name near and dear to you in the new project. :)

  2. 'emergency-name-creating-summit-chat' - LOL!

    I'm glad Andy liked your choices. Must keep him happy, after all :)

  3. Yes, well, what else to call it when I totally dominate two other writers' afternoons trying to get names for MY characters? And it WAS an emergency..my progress was totally on hold until it was decided.

    Oh, and what Andy wants, Andy gets! He's made that abundantly clear!


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