Monday, September 21, 2009

First Release Day!

Can't believe that the day has finally arrived, my first every release day.  Everything that I've been working towards for the past six months or so came to a head this morning in a quiet but profound way.  First of all, I can call myself an author, not just a writer. :)  Irregardless of whether I have any more releases, this first baby of mine will be around for at least three years. It's an amazing feeling, very gratifying, very humbling.
Remarkable Restraint was one of those stories that just flowed directly from my brain to the screen.  My characters came alive and I wrote the story in only a few days. I was blessed enough to have a good enough relationship with my CP Ava March and Shawn Lane at that point to impose upon them for a critique. Their insights were invaluable, and I must say that without their feedback, I wonder whether this would have gone anywhere. I was bummed (but understand because of the formatting and space constraints) that there wouldn't be a way to include a dedication, so here it is!!

For Ava and Shawn, two talented and classy women that have encouraged me every step of the way. Thank you for your ongoing support...Chaz and Justin wouldn't be here without you!

As long as I'm throwing the love around, here is a blanket shout-out to everyone here in my cyber life and out there in the real world who have made the process of going from aspiring writer to published author so much fun. *mwah*


  1. Congratulations on your first release!

  2. Congrats, Devon!! Hope you're having a great 1st release day. Here's wishing you many sales!!


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