Friday, May 14, 2010

Okay, just had to share...

The wonderful Lily over at ♥ ♥ I Love Books ♥ ♥ had this up in a post this week, and I immediately recognized it as the basis for my latest release's cover! Pretty cool to compare the two.


  1. Looks like they changed the guy in the back. Maybe cause he looks like he's getting ready to bite the middle guys neck? lol

  2. I like that DSP found inspiration in the stock photo, while still making a completely unique cover!

  3. I agree, Chris. The artist seems to have made it less about the man in the middle and more about an equal three-way partnership in the way she positioned the bodies and hands. Essential to the theme of the antho, the editor was striving for loving exchanges versus one-hit wonders.

    Lily, you have vamps on the brain, but yes I's pretty nibbly. :) Thx for the pic!

  4. The picture and the cover are both yummy!


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