Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More the Merrier

Did a quick count and was surprised to find I have seven (7) releases scheduled so far for the rest of 2010. NOT including anything I might yet write, these are the done deal ones, altho one of them is a rerelease. Isn't that wild?-- I had no idea I had that many scheduled-- or that I would have a rerelease already (releasing one of my stories, which was part of an antho, as a single this fall). With the three I've already had, that means 2010 is a double digit year. Pretty cool. :)

Been having a tough time writing, but I'm finally over the hurdles and have finished the chapter from hell. I'm hoping it's easier from here on out. I was even starting to get superstitious about having switched laptops a couple months ago, like maybe my muse would only work on the old one. Fingers crossed that I've broken the hex.


  1. 7 more releases this year! Congrats, Devon:) You're moving on up!

  2. Oh wow, those the-more-the-merrier pics are very lickable!
    And another wow for the amount of releases you have this year! Congrats :)

  3. Wow! Busy you. :)

    Um, I didn't take the poll because after reading the questions, my answer is "yes".

  4. Wow! Seven? I am in awe and looking forward to reading all the yummy stories!

  5. Yummy cookies ;) Thanks!

    A double digit year is absolutely amazing! Way to rock it, girlie!! :) And it's very good to hear you're over your writing hump.

  6. Congrats on the releases! You sure have been a busy bee. :)

    Love the coolies!

  7. Looking forward to the rest of the year hon... 7 books WOW..

    As for the muse - I am glad you slogged through and now are at a point where you are pleased with your days work...

    Hapy writing day today..


  8. Thanks all! Kinda snuck up on me. :) Off to work and try to add to that number...


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