Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth and A Fun Twist On My DD's Fave Song

Enjoyed the heck out of the fourth. Picked almost 40 pounds of blueberries at a u-pick, visited a state park, went for ice cream at a historic general store, had company for a cookout, set off fireworks, and was able to watch the same great city fireworks display as always...from the new house--an unexpected treat!! Even better view than from the old one. Luck's being a lady to me.

This is making the rounds and made me smile. My daughter loves this song right now, and I enjoyed this take on it. :)


  1. Yeah, I got the giggles when I saw that video, too!

    40 POUNDS of blueberries?!

  2. I know...we had my brother in law and sister in law here, and between the six of us (although the girls pretty much just ate 'em), we were pretty surprised at the total! I was the best picker, with 12 pounds in my bucket (pats self on back).

    So....blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Won't even make a dent, but I'm going to make preserves/jam today. And maybe a pie...

  3. *suspects that Devon left a blue handprint on her back*

  4. The video is cute. I want to blueberry pancakes!

  5. Fabulous video!!

    Blueberry jam, pies and pancakes! YUM :)

  6. Will you make me some blueberry muffins? Those are my fav, though blueberry pancakes are awesome, too :)


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