Friday, July 30, 2010

New Excerpt for Sex On Summer Sabbatical

Still on the road (Day 15), and not much new to report, so I thought I'd put up a new excerpt for Sex On Summer Sabbatical. :)


He purposely didn’t tease, letting her calm down again as he typed the information in. “Okay, let’s take your vitals for a baseline.” Adam pulled the blood pressure cuff away from the wall and tried to remain dispassionate as he ran through his normal routine with half his mind on his work and other half enjoying the innocent touches and her breathless reactions to them.

Sternly warning himself to keep it under control in the workplace, he nevertheless was glad he’d worn a restraining jock as he knew what was to come. Just the thought of putting Tori through her paces, thoroughly assessing her body, was severely taxing his restraint—and he had barely started. For the first time, he doubted the wisdom of taking her on as a client.

Oh, come on, you can keep it professional here. She’s just another body.

Yeah, right.

“Okay, lie back. We’re going to do some range of motion so I can get an idea of where you’re at.”

Tori surprised him by lying back immediately, without a protest, giving herself over to his control. Swallowing at the vision she made reclined before him, he tried to get back on task, running through a typical range of motion series involving all her joints. All the while, he was hard pressed to keep his touches clinical rather than caressing. And the little minx had to know what she was doing to him, a knowing glint in her eye as she watched him manipulate her body.

Having her stand, he ran through an informal flexibility test, noticing she winced as she stretched her hamstrings.

“Are you sore from running?”

Tori grimaced slightly. “Is it obvious?”

Adam had to fight a laugh at her pout. “Just to me. It’s what I do. We’ll do some light stretching later, and I’ll keep it in mind while we do our first workout. So what time of day do you feel at your best?”

Regarding him thoughtfully, she leant back against the table, the move thrusting her breasts forward, lovingly accentuated by her sports bra. She was either a huge tease, or she had no idea how alluring she looked. Adam’s throat went dry as she responded, “Hmm, that’s a tough one. I do my best work later in the day and into the evening. But physically? I guess I feel at my peak about now, around mid-morning.”

“Then that’s when we’ll try to meet for workouts. That’s actually works well for me. Most of my clients work during the day, so early morning and late afternoon to evening are my busy times.” Equal parts relieved and disappointed when she straightened, Adam forged ahead to the fun part. Rummaging in the drawer, he came up with a tape measure.
Tori’s eyes widened with alarm. “Oh no. No, no, no. You are not measuring my butt.” She began scooting along the edge of the table as if seeking safety.

Laughing aloud, Adam advanced on her. “Come on. Don’t you want to see how much you’ve improved by the end of the summer?”

She glared at him, arms crossed. “Are you telling me my ass needs improvement?”

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  1. He better not say yes! LOL

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