Saturday, July 10, 2010

Seasonal Question

Got doused in the backyard today, and didn't even bother to change. I'm still damp, but it's warm enough that it feels good. Picked a good day to figure out how to program the sprinkler system.

I'm finding that I'm writing (and reading for that matter) a lot about hot, steamy locales and summery weather. Enough so that when I was proofing a book which had a long "I'm freezing" scene, it really stood out.

Many publishers seems to try to time their themes to the seasons. So my question to you all is, as readers, do you tend to gravitate towards books "themed" to the current season? Or does it matter? Would it be strange to read about a hot, summer setting in the winter? Or would it bring back fond memories of the warmth you're not getting anymore?


  1. Hmm. Not sure that the season in which the book is set has much impact, actually.

  2. I don't tend to think about the season when I pick up a book. I'm as likely to read a winterish story in July as I am in December.

  3. The season isn't really important to me. I'm just as happy to be reading a winter story during the cold months as during summer. Same for holidays, I can read holiday stories at any time.

  4. Good to hear since my summer story, The Beach House, won't be out until the fall, lol


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