Monday, March 7, 2011

Release Day for Spring Training...Plus, Giveaway Winners Announced

It's finally here, the day I've been waiting for, for over a year! Release day for the fourth (but actually first) Seasoned Women story, Spring Training. :)

This was a special one to me, dedicated to two fabulous women in my life:

With love to my real life inspirations:
Teresa, who showed courage, humor, and energy in raising her twins from such a young age. You did great, little mama. Hope you like my Alex and Em.
And Theresa, the biggest baseball fan I know, with a four-pack of boys and a donated kidney—endlessly positive and energetic. I’m truly blessed to have you for a sister-in-law.

Thanks to everyone who entered my contest, and without further ado, here are the winners:

Congrats to Rho and Leilani! Contact me at to arrange your prizes! :)

And here's a hot little excerpt from Spring Training for you all:

“I gotcha,” he promised, and found his way under her shirt. She gave a smile as he paused and sucked in a breath as he discovered her braless state. Every touch and slide of his hand against her bare skin was heavenly and her nipples were like cut diamonds, almost painful as they begged for soothing.

Humming with pleasure, she undulated against him as he plucked and teased her breasts, alternately cupping then running his palm over their curve. Surging against her ass, he met her rhythm and she finally needed to take more. She flipped halfway over, onto her back, leaving her body open to his whims while allowing her access to his own zipper.

She glanced up, arrested by the heated look on his handsome face as they worked together to open his jeans. Unimpeded by underwear—oh gads, he goes commando?—his cock sprang out into her palm as if dying for her touch. Silky warmth over steel, she closed her fingers around him as he delved into her jeans and found her slick centre.

“Ahh,” she gasped as he used her own juices to make his pass over her clit almost unbearably perfect, and she quickly licked her palm with as much spit as she could manage and returned her hand to his hot erection as he took her mouth in a torrid kiss.

Both of them were on edge from the dancing and the foreplay, and Teri knew it wouldn’t take long for him to bring her over the top, not with his knowing, demanding touch. Just what she needed. She strove for the pinnacle, working her hand over his cock as she arched into his touch. Milking pre cum from the head, using it to help her gliding grip, she writhed helplessly, wantonly and panted into his mouth.

The continuous groan emanating from his throat suddenly cut off then intensified as the length in her hand grew impossibly harder. Then the warmth spilled over her hand. She tensed and was there with him, tossing her head back as she crested and peaked. Aaron’s mouth stilled on hers but didn’t move away as they shared the moment of bliss while sharing their very breath as they floated in descent.

Teri opened her eyes—when had she closed them?—and Aaron was watching her with a pleased and utterly sated expression, his handsome face almost slack with repletion other than the slight smile quirking one corner of his luscious lips. As she held his gaze, she raised her hand and ran her tongue along the side of her finger, gathering his come for a taste. His eyebrows shot up, but he recovered quickly as he gave her tender clit one last unbearable stroke before bringing his own finger up to lave of her essence.

Then they were both laughing and kissing, and Teri burrowed into his chest, not able to get close enough. She heaved a contented sigh.

“Wow.” Aaron chest rumbled under her with his voice. “Haven’t made out on the couch like that in years. That was fun. Like being a teenager again.”

“That wasn’t that long ago for you. Wait’ll you get to my age,” she scolded, feeling a bit put out at the reference to age right that minute.

Aaron gave her a hard hug. “Hey. Quit being so hung up on age, will ya? I can’t help when I was born.”

Spring Training is now available at Total-E-Bound.


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