Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Blurbs and Contract News

No release date yet, but just signed the contract with Dreamspinner to publish One More Wish by this summer. You met my heroes, Benny and Curtis, in One Wild Wish, and they've been asking me for their own story ever since. For fans of Rory and Jared, you'll get to catch up with them as well. :) Here's the blurb:

Benny Oshiro was having the time of his life at the private gig he'd gotten for his band One Wish...up until he was assaulted and kidnapped by their former manager. When his knight in shining armor ends up turning furry during the rescue, Benny knows he should reconsider his attraction to the hunky shifter. But whatever else Curtis is, Benny has never had anyone look at him with such want before. Want he can't help but return.

Curtis Salinas knew the moment he saw Benny that he was his mate...or as his alpha put it, a possible mate. But the timing is all off, and when Curtis uncovers a long-held family secret, he finally understands that he can't possibly pursue Benny until he leashes the beast within. His first time with a human, one he loves, is not the time to test his newly developing control.

But outside forces are at work, threatening exposure of their clan and harm to their would-be mates. When Benny is kidnapped a second time, the clock is ticking, and Curtis realizes the enemy he is searching for is only half of the problem. To have a secure and happy future, he must also face down his doubts and claim Benny for his own.


Stranger in Black will be coming out on May 22nd at Amber Quill Press. Here's that blurb as well, hot off the presses:

Christian wants closure on his relationship with a closeted cheater, so he dons a disguise to see the evidence for himself. He attends the annual masquerade ball on the arm of his friend, looking for the Stranger in Black. But when he finds him, the farewell encounter in a back room doesn’t quite go as planned…

Jarrod goes undercover, wearing the black and gold mask to ferret out “Chris”—the “other woman” his best friend’s fiancĂ© is fooling around with. He isn’t prepared for his reaction to the sexy vision in the white gown…especially since he’s gay.

It’s not the unmasking that exposes their dual deception, but the gloves—and the pants—coming off. Now Christian and Jarrod need to work together to protect the innocent party in all of this. And along the way, they just might become more than strangers.


  1. Oh, both sound intriguing, but I'm particularly looking forward to One More Wish! :)

  2. Hi Devon, I think these both sound awesome. I am so excited that you have two new books on the horizon. I am a happy fan boy!

  3. Both stories sound really good! Looking forward to reading them. :)

  4. My tbr list just got longer!

  5. Benny's getting his own book - awesome! Looking forward to it :)


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